About us

Diversity in a community is a strength.

Blue Forest Foundation to represent diverse communities was established in Hungary in 2017.

The Blue Forest Foundation

Our CEO, Mariann Hornyák launched a support program to find her own diverse community: those parents who faced challenges through their parenting journey because of neurodiversity – especially sensory processing disorder – in the family.

Founder of the Blue Forest Foundation to support diverse community
Ms Mariann Hornyák, founder of the Blue Forest Foundation

Mariann moved to Hungary from England in 2016 with her family and found no support for parents who raise children with sensory processing issues. She started to build a supportive diverse community and established an organisation that represents inclusion and belonging around this support. This local initiative grew into an international, complex educational and SEN programme. Today we already know that it is not enough to support the child with sensory issues to cope better. We need to help the family and the society as a whole, so they are ready to take action towards inclusion and equity.

Mariann is the appointed chairperson of the board of trustees that leads the Foundation since July 2022.

Inclusion in a community is an act.

The key values that the Blue Forest Foundation repesents are in line with the core values of the United Nations where Mariann had gained professional experience. The values of the established goals of the UN has shaped our founder’s mindset and hence influenced the foundation of our initiatives, gave us a true vision to follow.

We believe that diversity is a fact that we may accept. To be able to live peacefully in a diverse community we need solidarity. To show solidarity, we need to be resilient enough to be able to care. Therefore, while diversity is a fact, inclusion is an action that comes from attitude and mindset. This is what we are representing to the society. This is the key message that we are sending through our D.E.I. programmes.

You can also read about our activities, research and initiatives on our Social Media Platforms or on our Hungarian websites. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out.