Where do we work?

Where are we? What do we do? What is an inclusive community? What is SPD? How do we tackle it? Why do we need change? And all the questions have one answer. We need to include everyone at the table.

Solidarity is the essence of an inclusive community. To understand solidarity we need to able to look beyond our own personal lifes. This is the very reason why we organise workshops to address the topic of individual resilience.

We work with other non-profit organisations in consorcium, we also work with national and multinational for-profit companies to help them build an inclusive team.

We support parents and educators to work in cooperation. And we also teach social inclusion at the university to prepare professionals for a challenging diverse work environment. And we do even more. Through projects we always respond to needs that rise from the local communities all around Hungary and beyond.

As our online presence is also intense, we reach thousands of families, educational institutes and professionals who live in and work with diverse communitites.