We used to have a co-working office for those who grew up with special learning needs and have become adults who have special working styles. Our inclusive office offered the environment of trust and belonging. When we had to close our office, we decided not to close our project.

Instead of inviting people to our office, we decided to go to those workplaces where special need people work. What is special about these people?

Well, hard to say as it is not always visible. Most abilities and the lack of them are visible. But Sensory Processing challenges are not always obvious.

The integration of stimuli is something that our brain can or cannot do, it is not something you will see on the faces of people or anywhere on their body. It can be seen though if you observe closely – as our behaviour might give it away.

Our belief is that every community is diverse and neurological diversity is a fact. WE all need special attention. Because WE all have special needs. Hence WE are all unique. SOME of us need even more attention and support to feel included. This is the fundament of our SensoryRoom Project. We go to your office and we support your community to change into an inclusive group.

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